Want an axe to break the ice


Hello! *waves hand* I’m Ashley and this is my first blog. First blogs are always strange and awkward, much in the same way that IRL introductions can be strange and awkward. So let me break the ice by listing all the things I want to see Braun Strowman tip over in the near future.

  • A magic school bus
  • A San Francisco cable car
  • A Gamelan orchestra
  • A Calliope
  • Corey Graves’ closet of screamo singer tailored suits
  • The entire New York Philharmonic
  • Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater

I’d write more, but Monday Night Raw is on and I’ve also got 50 pages left to read of Claire Evans’ fantastic new book Broad Band: The Untold Story of the Women Who Made the Internet (I’ll share my thoughts about it later).

Anywho- if you’d like to read some recent music and film pieces by yours truly, here’s a few links to work I’ve written over the last month.

Under The Radar:

-I started writing film reviews for the folks at Under The Radar. My first review was for Israeli filmmaker Eran Riklis’s Shelter.

-I also reviewed the latest film by Resolution and Spring directors Justin Benson & Aaron Moorehead: the beguiling and deeply Lovecraftian film The Endless.

Phoenix New Times:

-An interview with Titus Andronicus frontman Patrick Stickles about his new record and how he deals with mental health issues as a working artist.

-Last month the inaugural Innings Festival went down in Tempe. I went there to cover the three-day fest and reviewed two of the headlining sets: Queens Of The Stone Age & Chris Stapleton.

-March also featured the debut of another AZ music festival: The Flying Burrito Festival. I reviewed the fest – highlights included stirring sets by La Luz, No Age, and U.S. Girls.

The Hard Times:

-No Oscars In Memoriam Reel is complete without paying tribute to the scene. Because the scene, like the queen and Zed, is dead.

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