Stan & Ollie, Achtung Babies, And Five Buckets Of Popcorn

Like a button-mashed Chun Li, I’m still kicking. What’s new in my world, you ask? A few things: I acted in a play, got a few new pieces published, and dressed up as The Dude at Phoenix Fan Fest (the con formerly known as Phoenix Comic Fest, aka Phoenix Comicon pre-lawsuit):



I started posting a few comedy and music pieces on Medium. If you’re looking for a laugh or some food for thought to snack on about U2, tickle the link monsters. And if you’re feeling extra generous, give me the clap (*insert Michael Scott “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID” comment here*).

Laurel and Hardy Go To Heaven

Last summer I had the great pleasure of putting on a piece of theater I’ve been wanting to do for years: Paul Auster’s short play “Laurel and Hardy Go To Heaven.” I played Hardy and the incomparable actor/director Dennis Frederick played Laurel. We were directed by Ernesto Moncada. The summer show in 2017 was brutal: we were performing in a space with barely functioning A/C. The B&W makeup Becky Jo Harris put on us that made us look like silent film characters out on the loose in a Technicolor world; you try acting your ass off when rivers of airbrushed makeup is burning a hole in your retinas.

So it was a pleasure to bring this short play back for a two week limited engagement, performing it in a place with good A/C. Stan and Ollie built their walls one last time.



Phoenix New Times

Invisible Oranges

  • An interview with Mike Scheidt from psychedelic doom metal titans YOB

Under The Radar

Film reviews of


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