Stanley Hudson Day

Ah, Fridays. That blessed day before the weekends when we all pretend to work at our jobs. If you’re looking for something to read to help you run out the clock, feel free to look at some of these recent pieces by yours truly:


Here’s a piece of flash fiction I wrote that was inspired by a Roky Erickson song and by some local cryptozoology:

Two Alone In The Dark

Hard Drive

For no good reason, the fine folks at Hard Drive amassed a gigantic list of Waluigi nicknames. Yours truly submitted a handful (my personal fav: “Smegma Man X”).

More Waluigi Than You Can Handle (THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID)

Phoenix New Times

On the music writing front: here’s an essay I wrote for NT about dynamic noise duo The Body.

The Body Make Music That Takes You Out of Yours


A trio of FilmBar pieces on

Under The Radar

Two new film reviews by yours truly on UTR:


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