Burn, Babies, Burn

Yesterday was the closing performance of The First Annual Bookburners Convention at Space55. Bookburners was my second full-length play, and I could not be happier with how director Dennis Frederick and the cast (Sky Donovan, Dayna Renee Donovan, Amy Jean Page, Megan Holcomb, Marcella Grassa, Tessa Geelhood, and Julie Peterson) brought my script to life.


And I wasn’t the only one who was pleased: The show got some pretty strong write-ups from local critics.


YabYum Music + Arts: The First Annual Bookburners Convention Lights Up Space55

Downtown Devil: Curtain Critic: The First Annual Book burners is a dark humor delight

Broadway World Phoenix: Space 55 Presents THE FIRST ANNUAL BOOKBURNERS CONVENTION

Valley Screen and Stage: The First Annual Book Burners Convention – Theatre Review: Space 55 Theatre


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